Intelligent Marketing for Employment Lawyers

How to boost your profits in a recession

Intelligent Marketing for Employment Lawyers is your guide to coming out of the recession with a lot more than when you went in!

The authors show you why this is exactly the RIGHT time to raise your marketing game and how blending tried-and-tested tools with innovative online strategies will give you an unbeatable edge.

This 420-page hardback book, published October 2009, shows you how to attract new clients and expand your reputation with minimal cost. Drawing widely on the experience of the authors and of eight successful employment law firms, it reveals the secrets of successful marketing for employment lawyers.

We offer the perfect money-back guarantee. If our suggestions don't work for you, and you don't increase your employment law revenue by at least 30% in the next 12 months, send the book back to us - in any condition - and we'll refund the entire cost.

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